about steve

Born and brought up a Limey, Steve moved from England to the USA in 2005.

Married to Jodie, an Oklahoman, they live close to Tulsa with three of their five children.

Steve’s Woodshop is a modest sized shop, based at our home in Owasso, OK.

Steve is a great believer in *creating* things. Although many power tools are used in the workshop, the designs, shaping and finishing are all *crafted*. Tooling can speed up an operation, but without the craft element, the pieces become just another manufactured product.

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A guiding principle of *Steve’s Woodshop* will always be that, although the designs are based on *standards*, people are anything but. Steve will always be happy to work with a customer to either adapt a current design, or produce an entirely new one to meet specific needs.

The woodshop is built around the objective of creating hand-crafted furniture, in Oklahoma, for Oklahomans, but also for anyone appreciating the qualities of handmade furniture. We will work with most lumber, but for outdoor use Western Red Cedar and teak are preferred. Teak commands a very high price, but is unrivalled in quality. Western Red Cedar is affordable and plentiful. It has excellent resistance to both insect and fungal attack, and requires no finishing. It is always possible to add a finish if people prefer the appearance that way

Oak is easily come by for indoor items, as are Maple, Cherry and many others. Prices depend solely on the cost of the materials, and the labour involved. Some items will cost more, or less, in different lumber.

Now based in Owasso. The facilities here are bigger, and better equipped. New Workshop page to come